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“The Best Investment I ever made was working with chiropractor Clint Cordial.”

– John Isner, Professional Tennis Player

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals with a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach to elevate their overall health and instigate lasting change.

Who We Are

At Electric Rehab & Fitness, we specialize in integrated sports medicine, offering comprehensive treatment to optimize health.

Elevating Health with Expertise & Innovation

Revolutionizing Recovery: The NEUBIE Advantage in Physical Therapy and Fitness

Discover the NEUBIE System: A Leap in Neuro Electrical Stimulation. The NEUBIE, or Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator, is a groundbreaking device in the realm of physical therapy and fitness. It’s designed to rapidly enhance your rehabilitation and performance by using direct current (DC) stimulation to expedite tissue healing and neuromuscular re-education. Experience immediate improvements from your very first session—with over 90% of users reporting significant gains in pain reduction, increased range of motion, and enhanced strength and coordination. Step into the future of fitness and rehab with NEUBIE, and feel the difference from day one

Electric Rehab and Fitness Chiroptactor

"When I was playing for the Green Bay Packers. Dr. Clint helped me through some of the toughest moments in my career." -Nick Barnett, Super Bowl Champion XL

Relieve chronic pain with Neubie's targeted muscle activation and pain signal modulation. Combine it with the Spinal Stabilization Program for comprehensive pain management, reducing strain, improving posture, and enhancing overall well-being. Consult our healthcare professionals for personalized guidance.

Experience the Electric Rehab and Fitness difference

Our mission is to provide individuals with a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach to elevate their overall health and instigate lasting change. 

We set ourselves apart by incorporating the latest advancements in health technologies
Bringing over a decade of industry expertise, we have a rich history of working with professional and Olympic athletes.
Our integrated clinic seamlessly combines chiropractic, physical therapy, and fitness into one holistic approach.

Call 406-544-6842 today to schedule an appointment and change your health.

What our clients say

Ivayla Mitkova
Ivayla Mitkova
Every minute was well-used. Within 15 minutes I was told what was wrong with my back and then spent around 35 minutes on exercises which I can implement in my own training. Couldn’t recommend their services enough! Clint was able to identify the problem with my back so much faster than anyone else I’ve consulted. The perfect place if you are injured or healthy but want to look after your body.
emily Goodnight
emily Goodnight
I have been to so many different drs to find relief. He's the first person to really give me relief in certain areas no one could before. I would recommend for sure.
Christina Lefler
Christina Lefler
Clint is incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with! His training program is exactly what we were looking for to help my daughter reach her athletic goals and keep her body healthy to compete. Highly recommended!!
Chad Goodnight
Chad Goodnight
This has been a god send I have struggled with my back for years due to my military service in this time I have seen many specialists all of whom helped me in there own ways putting me back togeather and then just waiting for me to return once broken again I was referred to Clint by my wife's cousin and was very impressed not only did he fix the current back issue I was dealing with he did not stop there he was less concerned with my current back pain minus helping me relieve the current pain but more concerned with figuring out the underlying issue and coming up with a personalized plan to fix them so I can work towards removing my back issue all together in the future!!!!
Kelly Stensrud
Kelly Stensrud
Clint is professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.
Sarah Raz
Sarah Raz
I run a lot, and I’m really grateful to Clint for his work to help me feel and perform my best even after I’m piling on the miles. From dry needling to chiropractic adjustments to e-stem, Clint helps manage injuries and aid recovery.
Monster Marsh
Monster Marsh
Let me tell you about Clint. He is a total rockstar in his field! When we met, he immediately put my daughter at ease and created a comfortable and friendly environment for her. Clint's knowledge and expertise are truly impressive. He genuinely cares about making people better and goes the extra mile to ensure everyone's needs are met. I couldn't be happier with the experience we had with Clint.
Kathryn Tirrell
Kathryn Tirrell
Dr. Cordial is an incredible resource and was instrumental in my injury recovery. His knowledge and expertise are evident throughout the process of applying different techniques from chiropractic adjustments to muscle activation techniques. It was only with Dr. Cordial’s help that I was able to get back to my job as a wildland firefighter. I highly recommend his practice for anyone trying to heal from an injury or simply looking for greater athletic performance.
Heather Cheney
Heather Cheney
I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Clint Cordial at Electric Rehab and Fitness for a neck injury following a car accident. I can't praise his expertise and care enough. From the very beginning, Dr. Cordial displayed genuine care and concern for my health and recovery; he tailored my treatment plan to include hands-on therapy sessions, dry needling, electricity therapy, and muscle strengthening moves that proved instrumental in my recovery. What sets Dr. Cordial apart is his dedication to his patient's unique needs. He took the time to differentiate and adjust my treatments as needed. He listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and checked in with me on my progress. This personalized approach created a sense of trust and confidence and greatly supported the mental health aspect of my recovery. I can't recommend him enough.



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