Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

"The work we did at ERF was transformative—it allowed me to rediscover my full potential on the tennis court." -Grace Haugen, Griz Women's Tennis

How Can IASTM Help You?

  • Soft tissue dysfunction: IASTM targets soft tissue dysfunctions by applying controlled pressure to specific areas, aiding in the breakdown of scar tissue and fascial restrictions.
  • Scar tissue breakdown: The specialized tools used in IASTM effectively break down scar tissue, improving tissue mobility and reducing pain.
  • Fascial restriction release: By applying pressure to targeted areas, IASTM helps release fascial restrictions, promoting improved movement and function.


  • Customized treatments: Our skilled practitioners tailor IASTM treatments to each client’s individual needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and addressing specific areas of concern.
  • Enhanced well-being: Integrating IASTM into our patient-centered treatment programs contributes to overall well-being by promoting tissue mobility, reducing pain, and improving movement quality.


If you’re interested in instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization contact us today to speak with our sports professional about your goals.