"Thanks to Clint's guidance at Electric Rehab and Fitness, my performance skyrocketed within weeks. He's not just a therapist; he's a performance enhancer." -Aanen Moody, Griz Basketball

At Electric Rehab & Fitness We look at fitness differently

  • Specialized approach: We prioritize understanding correct biomechanics and functional movements, ensuring safe and effective exercise programs tailored to individual needs.
  • Mastery of center of gravity: By focusing on mastering the center of gravity, clients develop a deeper understanding of their body’s movements, leading to improved balance and stability.
  • Tailored programs: Our fitness programs are customized to each client’s unique needs and aspirations, ensuring they receive personalized guidance and support.
  • Beyond strength and endurance: We go beyond traditional fitness goals, emphasizing proper biomechanics for daily activities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in movement.


  • Improved posture and balance: Through refining posture, balance, and stability, clients experience better body alignment, reducing the risk of injury and promoting overall well-being.


  • Vitality in every aspect of life: We believe fitness is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about experiencing vitality and excellence in all aspects of life, from weightlifting to everyday activities and cherished moments with loved ones.


If you’re interested in our fitness training program, contact us today to speak with our sports professional about your goals.