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The Neubie - Electric Rehab and Fitness
The Neubie - Electric Rehab and Fitness: Dr. Clint Cordial
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At Electric Rehab and Fitness, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced technology to help our clients in and around Missoula, MT see amazing results. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or need advanced pain management, we can help with the Neubie.

The Neubie is a device that safely sends direct current signals precisely to where the patient is experiencing pain or muscle movement limitations. This signal can re-educate the patient’s muscles by increasing the sensory input into the body which creates a motor output. It rewires your nervous system. This technology targets the nervous system and promotes muscle contraction, helping with chronic pain treatment and so much more.

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You deserve to live without crippling pain. Our professional team at Electric Rehab and Fitness can use the Neubie to help you:

Neubie has also been used with success on patients with neuromuscular re-education and regaining function loss due to:

Electric Rehab and Fitness

Ready to experience life without constant debilitating pain? To learn more about how we can help with your advanced pain management through our chronic pain treatment program and the Neubie, contact us today.