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“Electric Rehab isn’t just another dime-a-dozen option – Clint’s expertise and the Neubie machine make it exceptional.” – Adrienna Peterson

The Neubie - Electric Rehab and Fitness
The Neubie - Electric Rehab and Fitness: Dr. Clint Cordial
Electric Rehab and Fitness

“I was a professional athlete…coming back from a complex knee procedure… the Neubie helped gain muscle and range of motion in a very short period of time.” -Darian Stevens, Olympic Skier 

The Neubie is a device that safely sends direct current signals precisely to where the patient is experiencing pain or muscle movement limitations. This signal can re-educate the patient's muscles by increasing the sensory input into the body which creates a motor output. It rewires your nervous system. This technology targets the nervous system and promotes muscle contraction, helping with chronic pain treatment and so much more.

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You deserve to live without crippling pain. Our professional team at Electric Rehab and Fitness can use the Neubie to help you:

Neubie has also been used with success on patients with neuromuscular re-education and regaining function loss due to:

Electric Rehab & Fitness

"The Neubie system is such an innovative approach to physical therapy…Some of the most outstanding care my family has ever received." -Shane Colman