Spinal Stabilization Program

"...I have had 3 back surgeries that have left me with chronic pain...I have had better results than all the other different specialist I’ve seen in the past 20 years." -Jamie Saylor

How Can Our Spinal Stabilization Program Help You?

Spinal Stablization

How can this help with your back pain?

Spinal Stabilization therapy is a groundbreaking service offered at Electric Rehab & Fitness. This therapy employs a pneumatic system to unweight clients, allowing them to perform exercises that target and strengthen the deep muscles of the spine.

  • Specialized therapy targets spinal imbalances and weaknesses to alleviate pain
  • Enhances stability, mobility, and overall spinal health for improved functionality
  • Deep focus on spinal muscles ensures lasting improvements in range of motion
  • Provides effective relief from spinal-related pain, enabling better function in daily activities



If you’re interested in our Spinal Stabilization Program, contact us today to speak with our sports professional about your goals.