Dry Needling

"I run a lot, and I’m really grateful to Clint for his work to help me feel and perform my best even after I’m piling on the miles. From dry needling to chiropractic adjustments to e-stem, Clint helps manage injuries and aid recovery." -Sarah Raz

Revitalize Your Recovery with Precision: Dry Needling at Electric Rehab & Fitness

  • Pain relief: Dry needling targets trigger points and areas of muscular tension, providing effective pain relief for individuals experiencing acute or chronic pain.
  • Improved range of motion (ROM): By releasing muscular restrictions and tension, dry needling helps restore and enhance flexibility and mobility in affected joints and muscles.
  • Neurological issues: Dry needling can help address neurological issues by stimulating nerves and promoting the release of neurochemicals that modulate pain perception and promote healing.
  • Migraine relief: Some individuals find relief from migraines through dry needling, as it can help alleviate tension and trigger points in the neck and shoulders, which are common contributors to migraine headaches.

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