Muscle Activation Technique

"Dr. Cordial's expertise with Muscle Activation Technique was crucial in my injury recovery journey. His comprehensive approach, combining chiropractic adjustments and advanced methods, helped me return to firefighting." -Kathryn Tirrell, Wildland Firefighter

Learn How Muscle Activation Technique Can Help You

Muscle Activation Tech
  • Muscle Activation Technique is a specialized approach that meticulously identifies and targets specific muscle imbalances in the body.
  • By pinpointing these weaknesses, the technique focuses on reactivating and strengthening the underperforming muscles to restore their optimal function.
  • This method not only enhances the overall strength of the muscles but also improves their coordination and efficiency.
  • The balanced activation of muscles through this technique contributes significantly to achieving better joint stability.


  • Additionally, one of the notable benefits of Muscle Activation Technique is the increased range of motion in joints, allowing for freer and more fluid movement.
  • Implementing this technique often results in reduced muscle imbalances, leading to improved posture and biomechanics.
  • Over time, consistent application of Muscle Activation Technique can help in preventing injuries and enhancing athletic performance.
  • It is a comprehensive approach that addresses both the symptoms and underlying causes of muscle dysfunction.

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